Why Consider Yourself an Independiva?

Let's take a moment to honor what being independent actually means:

not influenced or controlled by other people but free to make your own decisions

Being independent is NOT a relationship status, it is a state of mind and being. 

At Independiva we believe every woman is the keystone of her own life and often several others. Every woman is important. Every woman should feel free and empowered enough to take care of herself, excel, and pursue her own dreams. 

Women face inequality everyday. At work, at home, in the media, in our courts, in the world at large, we face or have faced varied amounts of oppression. At Independiva, we want to encourage women to face this challenge, to stay strong, and to know that there are many of us out there fighting for more awareness, equality, fairness, for each other. 

The fight needed a symbol. A way for us to identify each other. To show our support for those who are silenced yet need us to be heard on their behalf we have created a brand. A brand for womanhood and sisterhood. Please join us and help show the world that we are here for ourselves and each other.

When you rock Independiva gear you are saying "I believe in the value of all women of this world. I believe in independence. I believe in equality. I am important. I will be heard. I make a difference."

Our slogan "Consider Yourself" is there to remind us that EVERY woman who believes in herself and fights for her sisters of the world IS the difference the world needs. That fighting for your own rights is to fight for the rights of all others. At Independiva we believe you have to start with yourself first. Show the world that you are a woman who loves and supports herself and by doing so you will help to support all of womankind. 

You are appreciated.


Team Independiva